Byond - Limitless Passion

We help you to create your marvelous art piece filled with innovation, creativity and sweetness.

Our products speaks for itself. We are go-to-brand for businesses of small home bakers, home chef’s and pastry makers by providing all kind of bakery and chocolate ingredients.

What are

Byond provides all the premium products to add an extra touch to your marvelous art piece with all our range of bakery ingredients, hotel ingredients, chocolates, cake decorations.


Core Values

Our utmost priority are our customers who are also our motivation. 

All the materials that we use for food packaging are in food grade and reusable plastic containers which doesn’t cause any food contamination.

We offer the worth of the product with perceived value.

Get in Touch!

We are manufacturers based out of Hyderabad. Our Company is 30+ years old. We are multi faceted. Ranging from Bakery Ingredients, Hotel Ingredients, Cakes, Biscuits, Confectioneries, Candies, Industrial Chocolates etc.,

Survey No 832/P, Medchal Village and Mandal, Hyderabad